Sports, Grounds & Groups


Council plays a major role in the provision of recreation opportunities for the broader community and provides a wide range of facilities and infrastructure, including:

  • More than 100 recreation and sporting facilities including stadiums, pavilions, fields, courts, community venues and more;
  • One regional aquatic and leisure centre, including the development of a 50m pool and aquatic playspace
  • Four outdoor neighbourhood aquatic facilities;
  • A regional outdoor aquatic facility with waterslide;
  • 40 outdoor sporting grounds, including three baseball diamonds;
  • 14 soccer facilities and a Regional Soccer Facility (under construction);
  • 54 tennis courts.
  • Extensive shared trail network catering for walking, jogging and cycling;
  • Three BMX and two skateboard facilities;
  • 14 indoor and outdoor netball courts;
  • Over 2,000 ha of public open space;
  • Three major lakes;
  • 45km of walking trails;
  • 18 major parks and 149 neighbourhood parks;
  • Service agreements with community organisations for facility management and programming;
  • Community grant programs; and
  • Community sport and grants information program.