Registered Building Practitioners


Changes to domestic building insurance

As of 1 July 2014, builders will need to provide domestic building insurance when the cost of building work is greater than $16,000 (previously, insurance was needed for building works greater than $12,000). This will save costs for relativley small projects and reduce regulatory burdens on businesses.

Domestic building insurance will now cover up to $300,000 (up from $200,000) to fix structural defects for six years, and non-structural defects for two years. This will provide coverage more in line with current building costs.

For more information, refer to the Victorian Building Authority Website

Enquiry Services

Council's Building Department is available for all general and technical building enquiries during normal business hours or contact the Building Services team online via  e-Services

Council continues to provide a free advisory service to the industry and the community in respect to all building control matters. Council will continue to undertake all other duties in respect to administering and enforcing the Building Act 1993 and all relevant building regulations. 

All building permit applications should be made to a registered building practitioner.