Planning Permits & Types


What is a Planning Permit?

A planning permit is a legal document that allows a certain use or development to proceed on a specified parcel of land. The benefit of the permit generally attaches to the land for which it has been granted although a permit is sometimes made specific to a nominated owner or operator. A permit is always subject to a time limit and will expire under specified circumstances.

Do you need a permit?Top of document.

Common reasons a planning permit is required:

  • Constructing or extending a building, including a house
  • Demolishing a building (if in a Heritage Overlay)
  • Starting a new use on land (particularly where it may create a demand for car parks)
  • Constructing a fence
  • Displaying a sign
  • Subdividing land
  • Clearing native vegetation, including trees and shrubs
  • Building a house in a bushfire prone area
  • Building a house in a rural area
  • A liquor licence, or a change to an existing liquor licence, such as changing licensing hours

Submit an eServices Request for the City of Ballarat to confirm in writing that a proposed use or development does not require a planning permit.


Requests must be supported by the submission of site plans and elevations.  Council aims to respond to all written advice requests within 10 working days.   

The advice provided is informal officer opinion only and therefore has no legal status or weight.  Should you require a document that has legal status and weight and can be formally relied upon, a Certificate of Compliance should be sought