CitySafe Cameras & Taxis


Safe Taxi Ranks

Ballarat's CitySafe Taxi Ranks are located on the corner of Sturt & Lydiard Streets and in Camp St.  Normal service times are 1am-6am on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Council’s CitySafe Taxi Ranks in Lydiard St and Camp St will operate as normal over the Easter period.

From 1am-6am Saturday and Sunday mornings. In addition, the CitySafe Taxi Rank will also operate on Good Friday Eve(Thursday 24th March) from 1am-6am. 

    Date  Hours Ranks 
Christmas Eve  24 December  10pm to 2am   Lydiard St Rank 
Boxing Day 27 December (AM)   1 to 6am Lydiard & Camp St Ranks
  Boxing Day Night  
New Year’s Eve 1 January (AM)  1 to 6am Lydiard & Camp St Ranks
New Years Night 2 January (AM)  1 to 6am Lydiard & Camp St Ranks
Australia Day Eve  25 January  1 to 6am Lydiard & Camp St Ranks


When in operation, both ranks have 2 security staff on site.

The CitySafe Taxi Ranks are aimed at reducing your waiting time in  convenient and safe locations. 

Advantages of the taxi rank include:

  • a safe, central location for people with certainty of taxi access
  • a more focused disbursement of people from nightclubs
  • orderly and prompt access of patrons to taxis
  • increased security for taxi drivers
  • decrease of incidents for Victoria Police
  • decrease of vandalism to residential & commercial properties
  • a positive lift to the amenity of the Central Business District

CitySafe Safety Camera ProgramTop of document.

The City of Ballarat established the CitySafe Safety Camera system in the late night entertainment precinct with the support of Victoria Police in 2008. The camera program assists Victoria Police in responding to incidents which occur within the precinct and with the collection of evidence.

The program aims to provide a safer environment and improve perceptions of safety by deterring potential offenders and helping Police with crime detection.

CitySafe Safety Cameras

Eighty-eight closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are located in areas where anti-social behaviour or criminal activity has an increased chance of occurring in the Central Business District.

The cameras are linked to a control room located in the Police station and images are recorded 24 hours a day.

The camera's monitor and record activity within the precinct and Police are able to refer to real time images to respond to incidents.

CitySafe Safety Camera Program Committee

A CCTV Audit Committee has ongoing responsibilty for overseeing and managing the program. The Audit Committee reports to the City of Ballarat and Community Safety Advisory Committee annually on the program's progress and any issues which require further advcie or discussion. The Audit Committee consists of responsible officers from Victoria Police, City of Ballarat and a member of the Community Safety Advisory Committee and/or a local representative.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed between Victoria Police as the system operators and the City of Ballarat as the systems owners.

The operation of the safety camera program is governed by protocols and procedural arrangements designed to safeguard the integrity and accountability of the program. A set of standard operating procedures is in place to guide Victoria Police in maintaining the programs integrity.

Council's Privacy Officer, as Governance Officer for the program provides a report to the CCTV Audit Committee annually regarding any complaints which have been made during the previous year.

Program Funding

The CitySafe Safety Camera has been funded by the City of Ballarat, National Community Crime Prevention Programme (NCCPP) and the Department of Justice - Public Safety Infrastructure Fund. The recurrent costs, including maintenance associated with the system are funded by Council.