Multicultural Ambassador Program Top of document.


Objectives of the Multicultural Ambassador Program

  • Enhance community awareness and foster inclusion of existing and new CALD communities in Ballarat
  • Support leadership within the CALD community and to recognise the commitment and contribution made by migrants and Indigenous people to the Ballarat community
  • Advocate for and promote the benefits of cultural diversity through learning, exchange and celebration
  • Collaborate with the City of Ballarat in implementing its Cultural Diversity Strategy
  • Promote the MAP as a platform for learning and exchange within the broader community.


Orientation and Development Meetings 

Orientation: Shortly after the Multicultural Ambassadors are appointed, an orientation program will be held.  This will include identifying key messages, group and individual training required, code of conduct and goal setting.

Development Meetings: Three meetings will be held each year with members of the City of Ballarat Council and senior Council officers to discuss experiences, review key messages and progress against program outcomes.

Multicultural Ambassadors’ Rights and Responsibilities

Multicultural Ambassadors can expect to:

  • Have an adequate orientation to the program
  • Have a clearly written role description
  • Be interviewed and appointed as a Multicultural Ambassador in accordance with the selection criteria
  • Be trained and supported to fulfil their duties
  • Have their personal information held confidentially
  • Be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on approved activities for example:  travel, training etc
  • Contribute to further the development of the Multicultural Ambassador Program
  • Be respected by all Multicultural Ambassadors, Council  staff and other key stakeholders
  • Receive feedback about their performance and contribution
  • Be recognised for contributing their time, experience, ideas and skills

Multicultural Ambassadors will:

  • Ensure they have reasonable time available to participate in training and development opportunities
  • Work within the guidelines and rules of the program and the City of Ballarat, including guidelines regarding media and lines of communication
  • Respect the privacy of  Council staff and other Multicultural Ambassadors
  • Be reliable and dependable
  • Carry out the agreed tasks responsibly and ethically
  • Inform Council of any changes to availability or contact details
  • Provide information about important issues, concerns and requirements for support to Council through the Coordinator Cultural Diversity
  • Respect other people's views and values.

Duties of a Multicultural Ambassador

  • Multicultural Ambassadors will be appointed for a two-year period, which can be ended at any time by either party
  • They will be champions for their existing communities and will optimise their participation/engagement to include workplaces, interest, social, religious, recreation groups, schools, community groups and service providers
  • They will implement special projects in line with Council’s People and Communities Division strategic goals.