The City of Ballarat Immunisation Service aims to ensure the health and wellbeing of the Ballarat community by reducing the incidence of vaccine preventable disease.

Qualified Nurse Immunisers are available to provide children and students in Ballarat funded vaccines on the National Immunisation Program.

For advice or vaccinations for travel purposed contact Ballarat Medical Centre or Federation University's Health Centre.

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Childhood immunisation services are available at Girrabanya Maternal & Child Health Centre and Lucas Community Hub on Wednesdays and Thursdays. View the 2019 Immunisation Timetable and call 03 5320 5850 to make an appointment.

In 2019 a drop-in immunisation clinic is offered at Lucas Community Hub from 9am - 12pm on Thursdays. (no appointment required)


How much does it cost?

Children who are eligible to hold a current Medicare card will be provided with vaccines on the Immunisation Schedule Victoria free of charge. Please bring your child’s medicare card and health record (green book).


Where else can I go?

Immunisation services are readily available through General Practitioners, community health centres, indigenous health services and pharmacists.


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Records of vaccination services  provided by the City of Ballarat Immunisation team are available on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Please note, it is the responsibility of all vaccine providers to report vaccines administered to AIR.

An Immunisation History Statement can be obtained via your Medicare account. This statement may be required for entry into child care or schools.

If immunisation records are incomplete they can be updated via your Medicare account or through contact with the service provider of your vaccination. 

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The City of Ballarat recommends for the best protection from influenza disease, the influenza vaccine is received annually. Flu vaccination services in Ballarat are provided by Ballarat Community Health, General Practitioners, private providers, hospitals, indigenous health services and pharmacists.

Work-site flu vaccination is available from Ballarat Community Health Centre.