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How to apply?

To make a referral to the Home Care Program contact the Intake Worker at Aged & Disability Services on 5320 5629.

Our aim is to improve quality of life by helping people maintain their safety and independence at home and in the community.

We embrace the philosophies of the Active Service Model which is based on the premise that all clients have the potential to make gains in their wellbeing and that Home and Community Care services can improve their capacity to make these gains.


An advocate is a person who represents and works with a person or group of people who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights, in order to ensure that their rights are upheld.

An advocate could be a friend, parent or other relative, concerned citizen, case manager or a professional advocate.

The City of Ballarat’s Home Care Service fully supports your right to involve an advocate of your choice in any discussions relating to being assessed for and receiving services

Food Services

Food Services are part of the integrated Home Care Service provided by the City of Ballarat and include:

  • assistance with shopping
  • meal preparation
  • skills development in planning and preparing meals
  • a delivered meal service

The delivered meal service, available daily, provides a three course meal delivered to the home. Special diets can be provided, for example, vegetarian, diabetic, low fat or low salt and particular food preferences can be considered.

Home Maintenance

The Home Maintenance Service aims to assist people who are unable to maintain their own homes to continue to live independently and safely. Home Maintenance can assist with minor repairs and modifications, with the emphasis on safety.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your right to:

  • dignity and privacy
  • access to services on the basis of need
  • be well informed about support options and cost
  • make your own decisions
  • complain and have the complaint dealt with quickly and fairly

Your responsibility:

  • to participate in decision-making
  • for the outcomes of your decisions
  • to speak up if you are not happy with the service provided
  • to afford respect and dignity to staff and other consumers


Frequently Asked QuestionsTop of document.

Would I be able to get HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

You may be able to access the City of Ballarat’s HACC services through the Community Care & Access division if you are:

· An older member of the community having difficulty doing all the things you need done at home to keep you living safely and independently; or:

· A person with a moderate to severe disability; or:

· A family carer of the above

How do I get HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

· You, your doctor, a family member or friend can contact the City of Ballarat to ask about their HACC services.

· If you are eligible and you would like to, the City of Ballarat Community Care & Access will arrange for qualified staff member to visit you to work on a plan to enable you to achieve the things that are important to you.

· The qualified staff member will discuss options with you about addressing your needs or put you in touch with other people who can support you to do so.

What type of help is available in my home?

· A Community Care Worker can come to your home to assist you with cleaning, washing clothes, paying bills and preparing food so that you remain as active and independent as possible (Home Care)

· A Community Care Worker can also visit to assist you with having a shower, getting dressed and eating. (Personal Care)

· A volunteer can deliver meals to your home or a community venue (Delivered Meals Service)

· A Home Maintenance Worker can help with small jobs around  your home to improve your safety such as installing hand rails, changing light globes and checking smoke alarms (Property Maintenance)

Outside the home:

The City of Ballarat's Planned Activity Group provides the opportunity to participate in small friendly groups, to join in activities and outings eg picnics, bus trips, theatre, concerts, guest speakers etc. Activities include centre based programs, off-site visits and provide opportunities to enhance individual skills.

What will I have to pay for HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

Your income level is the starting point for determining the fee you will pay for HACC services. Your Assessment & Care Management Worker can provide you with a Fee Schedule on request

How much home care can I have?

  • Home Care services are available seven days per week, but General Home Care is usually provided Monday to Friday.
  • Allocation of home care services is determined by the assessed needs of the client
  • Generally around 1 to 1.5 hours per fortnight.

Eligibility CriteriaTop of document.

The aim of Home Care services is to provide basic assistance and maintenance to people living at home whose capacity for independant living is at risk, or to people who are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long-term residential care. The Home Care Services are targeted to assist:

  • frail older people
  • people with disabilities, and their carers

The Aged and Disability Services are funded through the Department of Human Services Home and Community Care (HACC) program.


Referrals for Home and Community Care services can be accepted from all sources including yourself, your family, your doctor, neighbours and/or friends. If you are making a referral for someone else you must first gain their permission to provide their personal details to the intake worker.

A person must meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive a HACC Program funded service:

  • They must be in the HACC target group / govt support pension
  • The must be assessed as being in need of a HACC program funded service

A doctor's certificate/medical certificate is not required for the provision of a HACC activity/service. Eligibility for HACC services does not require proof of residency status, or entitlement to a Medicare card. HACC services are not available to provide care while the usual carer undretakes paid employment or unpaid volunteer work.

Assessment and FeesTop of document.

Any person considering Home Care needs to first be assessed to determine their eligibility and to identify their service requirements as a requirement of the Home and Community Care (HACC) program.

Assessment and Care Management Workers are responsible for completing assessments with clients to determine:

  • individual needs - these are comprehensively assessed
  • a tailored care plan - to ensure that a range of care and support options are considered
  • if referrals to alternative services may be suggested - with the client's consent
  • a date to review these arrangements - this is decided upon in conjunction with the client

Assessments are usually held in the client's home and take about an hour to complete.


Aged and Home Care services are Government funded through the Home & Community Care (HACC) Program and are available to eligible clients. Fees are determined by a means test. This will be determined with you by the Assessment Worker.

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