Heritage Advisory Committee


The City of Ballarat has reviewed the role and function of the Ballarat Heritage Advisory Committee to bring together key players in heritage management, promotion and education to assist Council.

The committee has been established in accordance with the Terms Of Reference and consists of:

Role of the Ballarat Heritage Advisory CommitteeTop of document.

  • Provide advice on marketing and promotion of the values of heritage and heritage related tourism within, and to, the City of Ballarat.
  • Provide advice on best practice in the management and conservation of heritage and its applicability to the City of Ballarat.
  • Provide heritage advice on specialist trade courses, events, community and school education material.
  • Consider applications for loans and grants under the Ballarat Heritage Fund and to make recommendations on loans and grant applications to Council.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on proposals related to heritage places, collections and objects when referred or brought to the Committee.
  • Make recommendations to Council about further work required to document and protect Ballarat’s Heritage.
  • Assist Council in sourcing external funding opportunities to further heritage conservation, promotion, management and education.
  • Liaise with other interest groups and parties as required to fulfil the charter of the Committee.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to Council on policy matters relating to heritage including but not limited to, the Ballarat Planning Scheme.
  • Provide advice on recommendations for nominations of state, national or international significance.
  • Provide an advocacy role for heritage matters within the City of Ballarat.

Committee Meetings Open to PublicTop of document.

Committee meetings are held between 12 noon and 2.00 pm on the first Monday every even month (except for public holidays).

The public are welcome to attend meetings as observers for non-confidential items.

If you'd like to attend a meetings you must send an RSVP to strategy@ballarat.vic.gov.au including

  • your contact details
  • short paragraph outlining your interest in the committee