Heritage Grants and Loans


Ballarat Heritage Restoration Fund

Community grants for heritage restoration projects have been doubled thanks to a partnership between the City of Ballarat and the Victoria’s Heritage Restoration Fund. Previously known as the City of Ballarat Preserving Our Heritage Together Grants Program, the Ballarat Heritage Restoration Fund provides a new and improved grants program for the Ballarat community.

The fund provides financial assistance for conservation works to places of identified heritage significance within the City of Ballarat.

With two funding rounds each financial year, $300,000 will be offered over three years.

Eligible places are those privately-owned and protected under a heritage overlay in the City of Ballarat, and must conserve the overall significance of the place and involve works that are visible from a public place.

Please visit Victorian Heritage Restoration Fund for further information and online application.

Jacksons B and A
2012/2013 Heritage Grant recipient 201 Mair Street, Ballarat


For information on past grant recipients please visit VHRF Ballarat Heritage Restoration Fund.

Restoration LoansTop of document.

Owners of properties listed as significant or contributory heritage place in a Heritage Overlay are eligible to apply for a loan to undertake work to improve the physical security or appearance of the place.  You can find out if your property is in the Heritage Overlay by checking the Ballarat Heritage Database.  Eligible places are listed in the Ballarat Heritage Database as:

  • Included in Heritage Overlay
  • Included in HO area indiv sig
  • Included in HO area contributory

Loan applications that are encouraged:

  • Verandah reinstatements;
  • Works to restore physical elements (based on historic evidence);
  • Works that ensure the physical security of significant elements of the place.

Loan applications for the following are discouraged:

  • Works to improve appearance that do not require a planning permit under the heritage overlay;
  • Routine maintenance/works that are considered to be for the general upkeep of any property.